Project Site

Located in Hecate Strait, between Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert on the British Columbia mainland, the Haida Energy Field harbours some of the strongest, most-consistent winds in the word.

The NaiKun project team has secured a 550 square kilometre permit area in this area of world-class wind within which we plan to build the first, and future phases of the project. It is estimated that the wind turbines will cover an area in the Strait of less than 100 square kilometres when phase one is operational.

Wind turbines will be positioned a minimum of eight kilometers off shore, southeast of Rose Spit. The project will be connected to the mainland near Prince Rupert, and to Haida Gwaii, via submarine cable. The area offers the strong and consistent winds and shallow waters needed to accommodate offshore wind turbines.


Why offshore?

Wind over the water is generally stronger and more consistent than wind over land. With fewer obstructions such as hills, man-made structures and even trees, offshore wind produces more energy, more efficiently that onshore wind. Offshore projects are usually located at a greater distance from populated areas, and as such, are considered to have less visual impact.